Learn About Our OSHA Training Courses

We provide both in-person and online OSHA training, in addition to HIPAA courses and a variety of combination packages. We work closely with you to ensure that we meet your specific needs because we understand that every dental office has specific strengths and weaknesses that we can help you overcome.

Our OSHA courses generally follow a simple, three-stage process, including:

  1. Evaluation session: We come to your dental office to evaluate how you are doing in adherence to OSHA guidelines. Once we evaluate your current practices, we work with you to provide a customized training program.
  2. Training program: Our training program walks you and your entire staff through the relevant guidelines so that you can pass all OSHA audits.
  3. Periodic reviews: We also work with you to offer periodic reviews so that you are always ready to respond to upcoming OSHA audits.

We also provide these evaluation and training services for HIPAA regulations.


Discover Who We Are

Since 1978, we have provided the OSHA courses, now including online OSHA training, that dentists and other professionals need in Prince William County. We use our decades of experience to correctly identify areas where you can improve and to offer the precise training and instruction to bring your dentistry into line with regulations.

Our training is flexible, informative, and interesting. We understand that OSHA training is rarely eagerly awaited, so we work to make the training as interesting and informative as possible so that you learn and are ready to serve your patients properly.

Discover what our OSHA courses can do for you and your Prince William County dentistry. Call (571) 261-6770 to schedule our evaluation today.